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What Is It That EVERYBODY Wants?

The Same As Any Business, Company or Istitution... 


A Significant Drive To Deliver Our Special

& Often Unique Talents.



The Propagation Of Our Intents!


An Undeniable Desire For Greater Abundance.

Transformational armchair

At KavanTropia we interact with our clients on the sole basis of empowering them. 

Our OS is a means to deliver "creativity" to the subconscious mind. A suitcase that then unpacks itself, bypassing the fight or flight sentinels engrained in our DNA.


It's Called Neural Elasticity. 

People transforming themselves

2. Before you can transform it... you need to be aware of it! Where is your

     business "ready to grow"? Is it growing in THAT direction?


1. Every decision we make derives from subconscious belief SYSTEMS. 

Ones we have taken on and ones we were born with, but that can be transformed by integrating Epigenetics.

3. Applying conscious mindfulness, expose the resistence factors the are

    not permitting the FLOW of progressive, expansive energies in your  

    business; the Wellness of your business.


4. Clear those factors without falling into drama based agendas.

     Sometimes it' so simple we need to complicate it!

5. Create new possibilities without old options! It all starts with our

     subconscious mind- it is so powerful! 


6. COMMUNICATION! One aspect we look at when working with clients is      how people, teams & executives relate to one another. We look if there

     may be any "habitual attitudes" that are propagated by identities. 


7. Perseverence in working on the evolutionary fases of uprising cross

     intentions. The more you work on letting energy flow, the more it will

     want to flow. This process needs to be followed through for the

     transformations we want to obtain.


The achievement of desired targets, be they long term or short term, is the result of a collaboration, relationship that has necessarily been established between us and the client.


Through verbal and non-verbal communication tools, group work and individual/personal sessions, all levels of a business will benefit from the motivation and support. Moreover, the use of specific techniques offer the possibility to discover how, with the help of our OS, the business component can enhance its value and recognize itself, regardless of the context and the difficulties.

Improved Performance

We Work With Humanhood...

Let's Be Ourselves.

Really, In The End,

It's All Simple.

The Lesser The Better.

Transformational Couch

So What Is Coaching?


Coaching is a particular kind of conversation intended to promote learning and to determine a course of action for maximising performance. It is part of the agenda for good management and a style of communication that sits at the opposite end of the spectrum from "command and control." Both approaches aim to maximise performance but they differ substantially in the perception of how you do that.


Choosing coaching as a development option requires a willingness to learn and a willingness to look at things from a new perspective. The bigger your appetite, the greater the skill set you will grow and the more effectively you will be able to use it to make changes for the benefit of yourself and your business.


 Why Coaching Now?


You want to become generally more skilled i.e. interpersonal effectiveness, goal-setting, decision-making, exploiting natural talents.


You want someone who is there just for you; a neutral and objective sounding board who will be truthful (as opposed to telling you what you want to hear!).


You know there's something you need to be able to do better but you are not exactly sure what it is.


You are experiencing dissatisfaction with the status quo for one or more of the following reasons:


• Things aren't going right

• Important relationships are feeling difficult

• Other people don't seem to be 'getting' it!

• You can't get things or people moving in the way you want them to

• You have some decisions to make and the way forward is not as clear as you  

   would like

• You want to take some action but don't feel confident

• You are not feeling as motivated about work as you would like to be


To be the best you can be in any business your undertaking, you need to bring

"all of you" to work!  


If you can comunicate honestly with yourself

you can do it with anyone!


Group Action


C'è un film nelle nostre cellule...


Why It's Our Work And Passion

We have been working with the human subconscious for the past twenty years and have found it to be a truly fascinating experience! Not only on ourselves (obviously) but with people from all over the world and walks of life.


We believe in the saying "passion to profit" and live by it. So, as far as we're concerned, all humans should strive to live a fulfilling working experience. Everyone in an istitution, company or business, from the workforce to the ceo should feel inspired about what they do.


We use a vast field of approaches to interact with the human subconscious. We work "with" the subconscious, not against it! We strive to create a safe and supportive environment for personal development, in which clients work with us as equals. This does not mean that in working with us you will not be challenged or even confronted on difficult issues. We strive to role-model authenticity in the way we work and in our behaviour. We are committed to providing you with different perspectives so that you yourself may allow the energy of your intentions to flow in your business.


Coaching for us is helping people because we think that everyone and any business can really become all that they desire. People can actually live their dreams, we have and still do to this day - but we keep on dreaming. Life Is Beautiful.


How It Works

Whilst the focus will always be on helping you to reach your professional goals, this may also involve working on the personal issues that impact upon you, the professional person.


Coaching works with the head AND the heart - the whole person. Our experience is that all too often in the corporate world we are discouraged from talking in a way which uses the 'f' word - feelings. However, rational thought on its own will not bring sustained behavioural change. You have to find a compelling reason - you have to care - in order to change the way you behave.


Your life today is a result of your past ways of thinking. A great deal of development work these days concentrates on behaviour alone, but sustained behavioural change is only achieved by creating new ways of thinking, new patterns of belief. On average we have about 60,000 thoughts a day... of which 40,000 are repetitive. These thoughts drive our behaviour, behaviour drives action and action leads to the consequences that you see all around you.


Coaching is about improving your performance by reflecting on the thoughts and feelings that create your behaviour. It's about examining your mental models and the ways you think that often go unnoticed. It's about moving from simply having assumptions to a preparedness to discover and challenge those assumptions.


This kind of reflection is not a soft option. We often reflect after the event, but reflecting effectively means being able to bring the process of reflection closer to the action, in fact, sooner than the action. If you can change the way you think about something, you can change the behaviour, the actions and the results that spring from it. Whenever things aren't working for you, that is simply a cue to start working with your thoughts.


Group Action Coaching - Learning & New Action

This process uses the principle that "anyone can help anyone else" when in the appropriate setting. In businesses these dynamics promote learning and "on the fly" courses of action between different parts of the business/company/institution.


This approach is similar to individual sessions but the progression is structured by the responses and needs of the single group members (usually four to six members).


Some decisive principles are:

  • Exposing first hand to other members underlying problems in an open learning ambient that is non judgemental but progressive, expansive & productive.

  • The opportunity to hone and refine communication skills and create new ones if needed.

  • Work on non productive attitudes in the same room with co-workers and members from other teams or ares in the business we rarely meet.

  • Direct reflection of what their actions, decisions and attitudes are producing as results in the business, generated via the dialogue between the members present.


In this setting the group is charged with learning from problems they are solving; assumptions are challenged and actions are confronted. Learning in this case is not incidental. Choosing this approach as a development option begins with a willingness to look at things from new perspectives.

At KavanTropia We Use Live Data As Often As Possible


Our OS Is Intended To Help People & Businesses Help Themselves. We Push For People To Work With Us And Come Back To Us With Inspiring Progressions, Ideas & Goals

> Not More Problems!

Be Extraordinary In Life, Be Yourself

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