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The Humanika Project

Evolve Don't Revolve

We at KavanTropia OS present people with breakthrough progressive methods to better their lives and the lives of people they "interact" with, using the unlimited power of the subconscious mind!

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The Humanika Project is a world wide educational approach that enables people to speak with themselves, not at themselves! It is for all walks of life and religion. We believe that the times are ripe and that an ever increasing amount of human beings are ready to get in touch with themselves and shine their light.


There is such a vast amount of knowledge inside us that it is futile to try expressing it in words! It can only be fathomed, comprehended via our own subconscious mind!

 The Humanika Project is the education that we didn't receive in our school years, it's that strange missing piece, sensation, that is lingering for our attention!

The Humanika Project is our way of helping people de-confuse their existence. People interact on totally different levels once they master the use and creativity of their subconscious mind! The Humanika Project is presented via a series of steps (seminars) so that there is no chance for confusion. It can be applied to any situation, be it personal, interpersonal, family, work, small business or world wide companies!

After all, education is for everyone!

Working with both Heart and Mind, using the subconscious mind, we help people to bridge these two creative centres, we help them to flow instead of resisting!


In the past twenty years we have helped people harmonise their lives and stop the pendulum effect.

Sunset transformation

“Things are not explained by the past, they are explained by what Happens Now.

That Creates the past, and it begins here…

That’s the birth of responsibility…”

- Alan Watts -

Here are a few things that are covered in The Humanika Project: 

  • First things first... learn to tap into the subconscious mind in 7 minutes, plus all you can do once you master it!

  • Find out your planetary intent at a soul level (what you forgot you brang with you to help humanity evolve, what makes your spirit sing)!

  • Comprehend how to harmonise yourself with Galactic time!

  • The Evolutionary Life Cycle

  • CIV - Creative Interactive Visualizations!

  • Identities in your morfogenetic fields... what they are, what they do, how they keep on living inside you!

  • Transform the meaning of the present by transforming the meaning of the past! Identities stop us doing just that!

  • Learn how to plan and progress the exposure of your identities in your morfogenetic fields!

  • The "I am not enough syndrome"!

  • Deactivate stress before it becomes an ailment!

  • Learn how to work on your resistances to simply permit the things you wish, to flow in your life!

  • Learn to fuse your feelings energetically with the quantic field!

  • Quantum Jumping!

  • How to use your breathing to listen to your body's in built navigation system!

  • It's about asking the right question that matters, not the answer!

  • Emotions and where they live inside the body! Should I stay or should I go?

  • The uncanny human art of focusing on what we don't want! "I hate it, but I like it!"

  • The Separate Self and the Limbic system! 

and there's much more...

Train transformation

Creative Visualisation

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Harness The Unlimited Possibilities

The Humanika Project

Evolve Don't Revolve

Once through the door, you'll never be the same again... that is our wish to everyone!

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